Regal 32 in. Rotating Kinetic Confetti

Rotating Windmill

Regal 32 in. Rotating Kinetic Confetti

Add colorful excitement and pizazz to your landscape with this 32 in. Confetti Rotating Kinetic Spinner Stake. The large 32 in. diameter double spinners move in opposite directions creating a mesmerizing effect. This kinetic also has the added feature of rotating side-to-side to face into the direction of the wind. This item has Heavy-duty construction with large, durable ball bearings for easy spinning and thick, super-strong iron bearing casings to keep blades attached. There is a thick and strong 5-Pronged ground stakes and thick metal on all blades and a powder-coated finish to resist the elements. Have you ever yearned to capture the power of the wind with something that friends, family and neighbors can enjoy.

Look no further; Regal Art and Gift has the perfect answer with our one-of-a-kind rotating spinner (known to some as wind spinners, whirligigs or garden spinners).Regal Art and Gift is a leading designer of high-quality home and garden decor. For over 25 years we have continued to raise the bar by bringing innovation, sophistication, and exclusivity to our products. Perfect for any home or occasion, you can rest assured of your purchase with our 1-year limited warranty.


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